Thesis / Abschlussarbeit Numerical Reasoning in a Product Configurator

  • Abschlussarbeit Bachelor/Master
  • Karlsruhe

Webseite CAS Software AG

Dein Gestaltungsspielraum

· Do a literature research to assemble a list of algorithms for numeric reasoning in a constraints solver.

· Evaluate these methods and identify those that are applicable in a product configurator like Merlin.

· Implement and experimentally evaluate the applicable methods in Merlin using real-world customer data.

· Summarize the results in your thesis and/or scientific publication(s).

Deine Skills

· You can find, read and understand scientific papers relevant for a given topic.

· Can write performant Java code (fast running programs).

· Not being scared off by hard (NP-Hard) problems.

. Communicating your ideas clearly and precisely in writing (in English).


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