The elected AStA

We are the democratically elected, political student representation at the University of Mannheim.

In accordance with the State University Act, the General Student Committee has an executive board that represents the constituted student body.
At the University of Mannheim, this therefore includes all 12,000 students.

Currently, the two political university groups Jusos (Jungsozialist*innen) and gahg (grün alternative Hochschulgruppe) make up the general student committee.
The elected representatives work in seven departments and the executive board to improve your everyday study life and to create new opportunities for you on campus.


Board and departments



The AStA-Board
Frederik Blank (he/him) and Melina Arnold (she/her)


Open consultation hours without appointment:

When? Mondays: 10-12 & Tuesdays: 11.30-13.30

Where? Parkring 39, 1. floor


As chairpersons of the AStA and the VS, we represent the student body vis-à-vis the university and externally vis-à-vis the city and the state.

We decide on the content of the AStA’s work. This includes, for example, the staffing and distribution of the departments, the decision on which events are planned by the AStA and the implementation of major projects. For example, the cooperation with nextbike, the culture ticket and our campaign against compulsory attendance.

The Corona Pandemic is currently keeping us busy. We are communicating a lot with the rectorate, the administration and representatives of the faculties and are working to ensure that the university continues despite the Corona requirements. Of course, it is important to us that the solutions benefit the students.

We also have a lot of administrative work to do: As a public corporation, the VS is a state institution and therefore bound by many guidelines and regulations that must be adhered to. Ultimately, however, the administrative work also serves to ensure that we can offer you an active student body and a wide range of activities on campus!



External Affairs officer Leonhard Sigel (he/him)


The university’s AStA and the world beyond university borders: There are many kinds of issues that are relevant not only for our university in Mannheim, but also for other universities and student bodies in the state of Baden-Württemberg or even for the whole of Germany. Accordingly, it is absolutely necessary to communicate, discuss and act with each other. The External Affairs Department deals with these very issues. Whether it’s the state-wide semester ticket, the university financing pact or the measures taken by the state and federal government in response to the Corona crisis in relation to the universities – it’s important that the student bodies have a right of co-determination, stand up for the students and give us students a voice vis-à-vis the higher authorities.

You want to get involved? Get in touch with other student bodies in Germany? Do you want to make our student body heard outside of our university? Is it important to you that we work together to have the right of co-determination? You have an idea for a cool project? Great! Join us and simply send me an email to: aussen[at]
Let’s make a big difference together!


A look at the half-yearly statement of semester fees reveals: not all of the €194.30 goes to the university. 14€ of your fees end up in the AStA’s finance department, which manages the overall budget of the student body (i.e. the AStA, the student parliament, the doctoral students and the departmental representatives).

The main work of the Finance Department is unfortunately not very public, but it is all the more spectacular because, in addition to the everyday processing of applications, the negotiation of contracts with Nextbike or VRN, for example, or the preparation of a new budget for the following year are also assigned to this department. The Finance Department keeps things running and makes the work of the AStA departments and the student councils possible.

And who sits in this finance department? According to the state university law, it needs at least two people: on the one hand, the elected honorary finance officer from the ranks of the students and a full-time budget officer (BfH), who advises and supports the work of the finance officer and the AStA chair with a lot of experience. Karin Schaab is our budget officer. I, Daniel Rohrbach, hold the office of Finance Officer. Tim Köhler is also currently employed by us and supports us. In addition, there are several other student volunteers who deal with individual topics of the department and enrich the work. We also work closely with the student body financiers, the university and, of course, the AStA chair and the AStA departments.

If you are interested in working in the finance department or have questions about our work, please contact us directly at finanzen[at]

Finance officer
Daniel Rohrbach (he/him)


Open consultation hours without appointment

When? Tuesdays 9-11

Where? Parkring 39, 1. floor

Further dates possible after prior agreement

Public Relations Department


Officer for PR
Ioana Paul (she/her)


What exactly does the General Students’ Committee do?
The Public Relations Office was created to answer this question for the students.
The main task of the Public Relations Office is to prepare information and work for the students and to keep them up to date.
To this end, the Public Relations Officer looks after and maintains the website of the General Students’ Committee, the AStA Facebook page and the AStA Instragram account.
In cooperation with other departments of the AStA, the Public Relations Office also takes care of the further development of the UNIMALENDER so that in future students can receive all the information about the events of the constituted student body easily and without a flood of flyers.

Another important component of public relations is the bASta.
The bAStA is the student newspaper of the General Students’ Committee and reports on university politics and student life at the University of Mannheim.

If you would like to help us with public relations, please get in touch via Facebook, Instagram or by email to oeffentlichkeit[at]!

Social Media


Campus Department


Campus officer Hannah Bohrer (she/her)


As campus officer, I would like to make life on campus more pleasant for you students. This includes creating offers, accepting wishes, suggestions and comments, organising and communicating.

So far, our bicycle repair station in front of the refectory and our bicycle workshop, which will soon be reopened, offer you help with small and large repairs to your bike. Following the motto “Sharing is Caring”, a public bookcase has been set up next to the Campus Shop.

Furthermore, I am the contact person for all initiatives and take care of their concerns and questions, the accreditation and reaccreditation process, as well as the initiative market and the pub crawl during freshers’ week.

In addition, I coordinate and organise projects that have a significant impact on campus life. At the moment, the “Cup-to-Go” project is in the starting blocks and has the goal of abolishing all 400,000 disposable cups (p.a.) at the University of Mannheim. This and many other projects are being promoted by the Campus Office in cooperation with the Sustainability Department of the Campus Office, the Studierendenwerk, the Service und Marketing GmbH and the University Administration.

If you also have cool projects or ideas, don’t hesitate to write to me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Social Affairs Department


Social Affairs officer Anna Elin Schadt (she/her)


The Social Department primarily tries to support students with social problems that can occur both during and outside of their studies.
Social problems have a broad definition: from BAföG to the threat of exmatriculation to housing problems, you can contact the Social Office at soziales[at]  If you need additional support, you will be provided with free legal advice.

We are there for you from the beginning of your studies.
If you are still looking for accommodation and your studies are about to start, please visit our AStA Couchsurfing Facebook group.

Do you want to earn some extra money while studying?

Then take a look at our AStA Job Exchange, where new job offers are uploaded regularly. It’s also worth visiting the scholarship exchange organised by the Social Department.
Here you can talk to current scholarship holders, get an overview of different scholarship offers and get tips for your own application.
The Social Department is also working on being able to support you financially in emergency situations in the future through the introduction of the emergency scholarship.

During your studies, problems can arise that place an additional burden on you. The Social Department deals with these issues and will not leave you alone. You are always welcome to contact us, even if we don’t immediately have the right answer to your question, we often know who we can refer you to.

Equal Opportunities Department


Equal Opportunities officer

Viviana von den Driesch (she/her)


Is life at university fair? Do all students have the same opportunities, are they treated equally, is no one discriminated against or disadvantaged? The answer to these questions should be yes, but in reality you can’t always honestly say that. Nevertheless, the goal is to reduce and ultimately completely eliminate discrimination based on origin, gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, family situation or anything else. As an equal opportunities officer, I deal with discrimination especially in the context of higher education policy. Specifically, this means educating about and raising awareness of such problems, working to improve conditions at the university and helping students with concrete problems. In addition, the Queer im Schloss group ( offers important networking opportunities through regular joint actions and events for LGBTIQ* students.

It is important to bring all existing concerns to the attention of the AStA Equality Department so that they can be given an appropriate forum. You can turn to us with any problem in confidence! The counselling in the equal opportunities office is, of course, subject to confidentiality.

We want a university where everyone can feel comfortable! We campaign for this with our actions. Our main topics are feminism, queer issues and studying with disabilities.

If you have any questions, problems or new ideas, feel free to contact us! You can also get actively involved or get help from us if you want to set up a project but still need support. Write to us at gleichstellung[at]!

Groups and projects

Culture Department

Culture officer
Eva Bruckner (she/her)


Everything revolves around the topic of culture in the culture department. From poetry slams to band evenings or open stages – we organise various events for students.

The cultural groups are also based here. The Kultur AStA functions as the long arm of the culture department. This is where we exchange ideas and plan our events.

In the past, for example, we have organised band evenings, city trips, poetry slams and most recently a digital open stage. There is also the CineAStA, which shows free films in B6 every week, and the Fetenteam, which usually organises the AStA’s legendary Schneckenhof parties.

Due to the Corona Pandemic, of course, everything is a bit different. That’s why we have set ourselves the goal of creating digital offerings for students in this legislative period.

The great thing about the culture department is that anything can be implemented here and there are no limits to your creativity.

So if you have a bright idea for an event or something similar, or if you just want to drop by, please contact me by email: kultur[at] or come to one of our meetings.


Groups and Projects