List of demands of the student bodies of the state of Baden-Württemberg

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After the video conference with the Minister of Science, Research and the Arts, Ms. Theresia Bauer, during which our officer for external affairs, Nina Wolff, represented the interests of our students, some Student Unions of the state of Baden-Württemberg drafted a list of demands.

At the next Landes-ASten-Konferenz (LAK), this will be presented as a motion, discussed and put to the vote.


What does the list of demands contain in concrete terms?


Teaching of the future

The list of demands contains a number of demands concerning the current and future teaching situation.

Among other things, a nationwide evaluation of teaching measures and online formats is called for.
The aim here is to take a closer look at the teaching of the spring semester and to filter out which concrete measures need to be taken to improve the digitalisation of our universities.
Here we can also learn from each other which measures have been carried out at other universities so far. This is intended above all to promote a targeted investment in the digitalisation of our universities in the future. In addition, the necessary framework conditions, such as further training for teachers, are called for in order to familiarise them with digital teaching formats.


Handling of the current semester

With regard to the current semester, it is required that all examinations during the Corona crisis are counted as free attempts. The Student Unions are still taking a stand in favour of the introduction of a solidarity semester and continue to demand it.


Social and equality issues

Equality issues and social questions must not be neglected either!

In order to enable all students to continue their studies, the different conditions of students must be recognised.

Therefore, the student representatives first and foremost demand the suspension of all duties of participation and attendance.

In addition, study materials are to be saved online until the exams, so students in different time zones or students with children can continue their studies in a self-determined manner despite more complicated conditions. Furthermore, an increase in funding for the psychological counselling of the Studierendewerke is needed in order to meet the increased demand caused by the corona pandemic.


Financing of the studies

As representatives of the Students’ Unions, we also take a stand on the nationwide loans to finance studies and say quite clearly

Loans are not the solution.

The list of demands includes an increase in aid to 20 million Euro without repayment by the students, in order to meet the real needs of the students. Furthermore, the reimbursement of tuition fees is demanded for non-EU/EEA students, some of whom were not even allowed to enter Germany.

Tenancies with the Studierendenwerke should also be easier to terminate due to the current circumstances, if students no longer (can no longer) use their accommodation.


Student Unions

In order to be able to react faster and more efficiently to the corona measures in the future, an application for the upcoming LAK is currently being prepared.

This conference has to form a task force Corona, which will deal with all current problems in more detail and in the name of the Student Unions, has to represent their opinion to the press, the decision makers in politics and administration as well as the society.


We are already very much looking forward to the upcoming Landes-ASten-Conference!
You want to know what will happen?
We’ll keep you posted!

(Text Nina Wolff)

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