We are the democratically elected political student representatives at the University of Mannheim.

In accordance with the State of Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Act, the General Students’ Committee (AStA) has an executive committee that represents the Verfasste Studierendenschaft (Student Union) which consists of all 12 000 students at University of Mannheim.

But what does that mean?

The General Students' Committee Departments



The AStA board

Nina Wolff & Frederik Blank


We are the democratically elected political student representatives at the University of Mannheim.

In accordance with the State of Baden-Württemberg Higher Education Act, the General Students’ Committee (AStA) has an executive committee that represents the Verfasste Studierendenschaft (Student Union) which consists of all 12 000 students at University of Mannheim.

But what does that mean?


Officer for External Affairs

Leonhard Sigel


The General Students’ Committee(AStA) of the University Mannheim and the world outside the university borders:

There are many different topics that are relevant not only for our University in Mannheim, but also for other universities and student bodies in the state of Baden-Württemberg or even in entire Germany.

Accordingly, it is absolutely necessary to communicate, discuss and act with each other.


The External Affairs Department deals with these very topics.

Whether it is the state-wide semester ticket, the Higher Education Financing Pact or the measures taken by the state and federal government in response to the corona crisis with regard to universities.
It is important that the student bodies have a right of co-determination, that they stand up for the students and give us a voice in front of the higher authorities.

You want to get involved? Get in contact with other student bodies in Germany? To make our students’ voices heard outside our university?
It is important to you that we work together to have a right of co-determination? You have an idea for a fun project?

Awesome! Just contact us via außen[at]sta-uni-mannheim.de

Let’s achieve great things together!


A look at the half-yearly statement of semester fees reveals that not all of the €194.30 goes to the university. €14 of your fees end up at the AStA in the finance department, which manages the overall budget of the student body (i.e. the AStA, the student parliament, the doctoral candidates and the
doctoral students and the departmental representatives).
The main work of the Finance Department is unfortunately not very public, but it is all the more spectacular because, in addition to the everyday processing of applications, the negotiation of contracts with Nextbike or VRN, for example, or the preparation of a new budget for the following year are also assigned to this department. The Finance Department keeps things running and
and makes the work of the AStA departments and the student councils possible.
And who sits in this finance department? According to the state university law, it needs at least two people: on the one hand, the elected honorary finance officer from the ranks of the students and a full-time budget officer (BfH), who advises and supports the work of the Finance Officer and the AStA Chair with a great deal of experience.
Karin Schaab is our budget officer. I, Katharina Fischer, hold the office of Finance Officer. Currently, Theodoros Georgiadis is also employed by us and supports us.
In addition, there are several other student volunteers who deal with individual topics of the department and enrich the work. We also work closely with the student body financiers, the university and, of course, the AStA chair and the AStA departments.
If you are interested in working in the finance department or have questions about our work, please contact us directly at finanzen[at]asta-uni-mannheim.de.

Katharina Fischer


Public Relations Department


Officer for Public Relations
Ioana Paul


What does the General Students’ Committee (AStA) do?

To answer this question for the students of the University of Mannheim, the department of public relations was created.

So, its key task is to process the information and work of the AStA for students to keep them up-to-date.

Therefore the officer for public relations maintains the website of the General Students’ Committee, the Facebook page, and the Instagram account.


In cooperation with other persons in the committee, the public relations department sees the further development of the UNIMALDENDER, so students will be able to get all information about upcoming events of the student’s union easily and without a flood of flyers.


Furthermore, the public relations activities also include bAStA.

The bAStA is the General Students’ Committee’s student magazine and reports about university policies and student life at the University of Mannheim.

We are small team of motivated international students who publish articles every week. We would be more than happy if you joined us and shared zour creative input with us!

If you want to work with us and support the department of public relations, find us on Facebook or Instagram or contact us via mail


Campus Department

The Campus Department coordinates many services for students at the University of Mannheim.

In the Bicycle Repair Café, we help you to repair your bike and keep student mobility up!

We also set up a bicycle service station in front of the Mensa am Schloss which allows you to make smaller repairs on your bike 24/7 without the help of our volunteers.

As a first contact for the department-level student representatives and initiatives, the Campus Department also helps during the accreditation of new initiatives and the re-accreditation of existing ones.

Also, we are in constant touch with the Studierendenwerk that runs the Mensa and most student housing to make their services even more student-friendly.


Once a year, the Campus Department organises the AStA Champions League, where football (or soccer as our friends from across the pond may call it) enthusiasts meet to spend a fun and active sports day together. Keep in touch and check our website and social media so you don’t miss registration!If you would like to volunteer, please send us an e-mail via campus[at]asta-uni-mannheim.de or contact us directly at the Bicycle Repair Café or an event.


Officer for Campus Affairs

Hannah Bohrer


Social Affairs Department


Officer for Social Affairs

Anna Elin Schadt


The Social Affairs Department is mainly concerned with the social needs and problems of students at the University of Mannheim. Our work covers a wide range of social issues:
From BAföG (the German system of tax-funded student loans) to a possible involuntary de-registration from university and housing problems – you can contact the Social Affairs Department at soziales[at]asta-uni-mannheim.de.
The core elements of the department are social counselling, free legal advice service, and the student job board.

Equal Opportunities Department

Is university life fair and easy for all of us? Do all students have the same opportunities, are they treated equally, is there no discrimination or disadvantage for some?

In our day and age, the answer to these questions should be Yes.

But in reality, many people still face difficulties and discrimination in their daily lives.

Our objective is to reduce and eventually eliminate discrimination based on origin, gender, skin colour, sexual orientation, disability, religion, age, family situation, or other factors.


We, the Equal Opportunities Department, address discrimination, especially in the context of higher education policy.

We educate and raise awareness of problems, work to improve conditions at the university, and help students with specific problems.

Furthermore, the Queer im Schloss group offers important networking opportunities for LGBTIQ* students through regular joint activities and events.


It is important to bring all existing concerns to the Equal Opportunities Department so that they can be dealt with on an appropriate level.

We want a university where everyone can feel comfortable! We are committed to this with our actions. Our main topics are feminism, queer topics, and studying with handicaps.


If you have questions, problems, or new ideas, please contact us! Any consultation given is, of course, subject to the principle of discretion.


If you want to get a project going but still need support, you can also get involved or get help from us.

Contact us via mail gleichstellung[at]asta-uni-mannheim.de!



Officer for Equal Opportunities Viviana von den Driesch


Culture Department

Officer for Culture

Katharina Fischer


The Culture Department offers you a wide range of different events and services.

A good proportion of the AStA’s cultural groups are under the roof of the Culture Department:


The AStA Schneckenhof Party Team takes care of the organisation of the AStA parties during the semester.

Especially the iconic Fresher’s Schneckenhof party is a big highlight at the beginning of every new university year.


The AStA Cultural Affairs Team organises cultural events such as city tours, poetry slams, concert nights, and cooperations with Mannheim’s theatre, the NTM.

In addition to its events, the team also coordinates other events, such as concerts, comedy nights, or sports events, that are offered to university students for free or at a reduced price under the Kulturticket-scheme.

The CineAStA, the student film club of the University of Mannheim, not only offers a weekly film screening with free admission for students but also organises many other events for cinema and film lovers.

Especially the spring and autumn cinema fests at the CinemaxX are a must for all students.

The Parkstube is a room in the AStA building (Parkring 39) that is open for all students to take a break, drink a coffee, prepare lunch, or hold a community meeting.

Feel free to drop by and relax during an intense learning session at the library.


Also, blood donation events are organised in cooperation with the German Red Cross. These take place once a semester and allow students to donate blood directly on campus.

It is also planned to resume regular university flea markets again.


The AStA is open for all people who want to join our teams.

Feel free to contact the respective group you are interested in directly by e-mail.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us via the AStA-Facebook page or email: veranstaltungen[at]asta-uni-mannheim.de!