Festival Contre Le Racisme FSS 24

Festival Contre le Racisme


You can attend all events for free. We kindly ask those who wish to participate in the workshop or interactive lectures to briefly register by contacting gleichstellung@asta-uni-mannheim.de one week before each respective date. This allows us to roughly estimate the number of participants.

For the Spike Lee movie „The Blackkklansman“ at the university cinema, no registration is required. It starts at 7.30 p.m. in the original language (English) with German subtitles.

The full name of the interactive lecture by the Black Academy Mannheim is „The Deconstruction of Racism in the University Environment: Cross-sectional Examination and Reflection on Innovative Anti-racist Solutions“. It is an interactive lecture followed by reflection time and group work, including documentation and literature recommendations, all in English.

The event aims to understand the concept of racism through the mechanism of the four I’s (Ideology, Institutional, Interpersonal, Internalization). Additionally, there will be an interactive discussion to address challenges related to power structures and social privileges and to develop anti-racist attitudes.

The workshop „Interfaith Dialogue“ will be in German and take place in room EO 256 in the Ehrenhof East in the University of Mannheim. The interactive lecture by the Seebrücke will also be held in German.