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He was one of the big guys, not only because of his body, also because of his actions. Chairman, StuPa President, Secretary; his steps on the ladder to the top are divers like himself. But one thing was evertime by his side: The AStA. Us, the small and sticky thing which he couldn’t let go (Or couldn’t we let him go?). Only a few people formed our Organisation like he did.

„If you want to test a man’s character, give him power.“ (Abraham Lincoln)

We gave him power and saw that it was good. Manny following respresentatives will gain from his knowledge. Equal if its about articels, structures of the University or only a strong word in a wild negotiation, he was there. His last days he spend quite als a representation of Mrs. Mack at the secretariat of the AStA. Now we have to say good bye, every era has an end. But the AStA wants to say thank you, so we elect him as the staff of the month (September). This honor isn’t for everyone, but we thing we hat a good choice.

With this words: Good bye!

Your AStA


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